I was an active boy. We lived in the valleys of the rocky mountains, and I loved to run, play, swim, and ride bikes. Sports were not an activity, but a way of life. I know my body took a beating.

Once, when my back kept hurting for two weeks, my mother did something brave. She went against convention and took me to a chiropractor: a gray-haired man in his 60’s, named Dr. Gray. He examined my spine, feeling my back with nimble, soft, warm and knowing hands. In a few moments, he found the problem and delivered a gentle, corrective adjustment to my eight-year-old spine.

As I stood up and stretched after my first chiropractic adjustment, that sharp pain was gone, and I thought Dr. Gray was a miracle worker. As I looked up at him and told him that what he had done was “really neat,” he looked into my young eyes far below his, and, with a sincerity that denied our vast age difference, said, “If you ever want to know more about this, you let me know.”

Inside my mind, spirit, and body resonated a loud echo that spoke firmly: “Yes, I do.”


What was the impact of that adjustment? The area he touched, adjusted, and allowed to heal is the area that protects the nerve that controls and nurtures my liver. For two weeks, I had been sore and in pain, a sure sign that there was nerve interference. At that time, I was focused on the pain. Since then, I have benefited infinitely by having a clean, functioning liver. If my dear mother had not had the wisdom to take me to a chiropractor, I would have lived for the last 40 years with nerve interference to the liver. Any number of problems could have been instigated, such as digestive problems, cholesterol imbalances, bowel dysfunction, excess anger, stress, hormonal imbalances, or problems with any one of the liver’s 1,400-plus functions.

That adjustment is one of the lasting legacies of a wise mother who loved me. You may think it was just a back pain that went away. I know better, and so does my body. And there is another legacy that has blossomed from Dr. Gray’s adjustment and kind invitation.


Billy had two surgeries to correct a lazy eye. At least, that was what they intended the surgeries to do. They did work for a short time, but the lazy eye just kept coming back.  ‘Another surgery will be necessary,’ the mother was told. This time she thought out of the box: a short series of chiropractic adjustments to correct nerve interference in his upper neck, and the lazy eye straightened out with no invasive procedure.

Another brave act of a wise mother.

Many of you have heard about baby Jessica. She was more dead than alive when her mother brought her in: she had no life in her eyes; she had no reflexes at all; she couldn’t suck a bottle; she couldn’t even cry. She laid in her mother’s arms, a limp and nearly lifeless testament to a violent birth procedure. A few gentle adjustments to her grossly subluxated neck, and she started sucking the bottle, crying, thriving and coming back to life.

Dr. Gray’s adjustment had touched another life. One adjustment to a child’s back, and it was still healing.

Jane said, handing me the x-rays, “The last three doctors I have been to laughed at me. Don’t laugh at me. My back hurts. Can you help me?” She had a curve to her spine that no x-rays were needed to reveal. She had a spine shaped like a sideways horseshoe. It was the most severe scoliosis I have ever seen. The other so-called doctors laughed at her when she said her back hurt. Their scorn was biting her as deeply as the pain. After 8 adjustments she was smiling again.

Dr. Gray had struck again. “If you ever want to know more about this, you let me know.”


Not only has my body been blessed every day of my life since that adjustment, but it has served thousands more people than his healing hands ever touched. I am the older chiropractor, now, to about 15 chiropractors, with three more starting Chiropractic School in the next few months. Every day, they touch and help children, mothers, fathers and grandparents to heal.

God is good to me. He gave me a mother that is good, courageous and—even though she has passed on in life—she is still gifting me in so many ways. That first visit to Dr. Gray was just one of the gifts.

Please take advantage of the power God put in your body to heal. Trust in it. Give it the help it needs. Parents, be courageous enough to follow my mother’s wisdom. Give your child a gift that will keep healing through their whole lives. My mother did, and her gift has not stopped healing yet. A spine in alignment is at the core of each body that has the chance to heal.

Have a blessed month,

Dr. Olson

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