When there is pressure on the nerves in the spine, it limits the brains ability to understand and respond to what is going on in the body. Chiropractic treatments help remove nerve pressure allowing the body to heal at its peak functionality.


Acupuncture facilitates the movement of energy. Energy can be manipulated to encourage greater health. By regulating the movement of the energy with acupuncture, we enable the body's self healing mechanism to take effect.


NAET, an allergy clearing system, allows us to remove sensitivities and allergies to most anything. When combined with Chiropractic treatment and Acupuncture, we have found it to be successful in 90% of our patients.


Ionic Foot Baths help detox and balance the body's energy. An ionizing module is placed in the foot bath that acts as a magnet to pull impurities out of the body through the pores in the feet.


Chinese medicine is the most advanced herbal system on earth. The object of Chinese herbal medicine is to correct the underlying imbalance to the symptoms or pain, not simply manage them.

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